Fertility and surrogacy clinic Victoria in Kiev, Ukraine

The importance of the clinic in a surrogacy process

Medical testing of the surrogate mother

Surrogacy agencies are responsible for finding women who meet the legal and psychological requirements to begin the surrogacy process, but there is an even more important second step, which is that these women pass a series of medical tests.

Clinic Victoria carries out the most rigorous medical tests to ensure that the surrogate mother will be able to undergo an embryo transfer and a pregnancy process without risk to her health or that of the foetus.

The tests include urine tests, serology (hepatitis, HIV, etc.), cytology, glucose level, chest x-ray, blood group, etc.

Later on, the surrogate must follow a strict pregnancy control and take the medication prescribed by the clinic.

The reason for our success, the effectiveness of our treatments

Success rate in the first 3 embryo transfers, with surrogate mother and use of own eggs (women up to 37 years).
Success rate in the first embryo transfer with surrogate mother and donor eggs.
Success rate in the first 3 embryo transfers with surrogate mother and donor eggs.

Fertility treatments and in-vitro fertilization

In-vitro fertilization with ISCI

In-vitro fertilization, or IVF, is a method in which the fertilization of a man’s sperm and a woman’s egg takes place in a laboratory.

Clinic Victoria has advanced technical means and embryologists specialized in performing in-vitro fertilization with high success rates thanks to the intracytoplasmic injection technique (ISCI), which consists of fertilizing the egg directly with one of the previously selected sperm.

Other related treatments

Pregnancy monitoring

Our prenatal care

The clinic Victoria offers a prenatal follow-up service to pregnant women.

During the follow-up, both the surrogate and the fetus will be monitored through different medical tests that combine analysis and ultrasound.

Ultrasound scanning will allow us to take images of the embryo or fetus as it develops, determining possible fetal abnormalities or complications that may occur throughout the pregnancy.

In those cases of surrogacy, OneSurrogacy will provide an apartment to the surrogate during the last months of pregnancy in Kiev city, in order to have a more continuous follow-up and preparation for delivery.

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