Surrogacy at Victoria Clinic with OneSurrogacy in Kiev

Clinic Victoria as OneSurrogacy's Choice

Choosing the right fertility clinics

There are women who cannot carry out a pregnancy or whose pregnancy would pose a considerable risk to their health, and surrogacy is therefore their only chance of becoming mothers.

Surrogacy is permitted and regulated in very few countries, such as Ukraine, where it is available to heterosexual couples.

When choosing a surrogacy agency to entrust your process with, it is very important to know which fertility clinic or clinics the agency works with. Over the last few years, OneSurrogacy has collaborated with several fertility clinics, and we have valued the Victoria clinic as the preferred option.

The process of surrogacy

When is surrogacy recommended?

How does the surrogacy program work?

The clinical process

Pregnant Surrogate

Step 1

Select a suitable surrogate mother, performing the strictest medical tests and analyses.

In-vitro fertilization

Step 2

Performing in-vitro fertilization and embryo transfer to the surrogate mother.


Step 3

Follow up on pregnancy, with detailed testing and prescription of medication.